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Moxielicious with Alexia Vernon

Oct 19, 2021

Elayne Fluker is an expert in asking for support, and she is the author of the new book, Get Over “I Got It” – where she encourages unapologetically ambitious women to learn how to embrace support not only for their success but also their peace of mind. As a speaker at organizations such as LinkedIn, the United Nations, the Women Presidents’ Organization, NYU, Columbia, Spelman College and Howard University, she gives women a roadmap for making empowered asks and living a fulfilled life.

Elayne is host of the Support is Sexy podcast where she has interviewed more than 500 diverse women entrepreneurs around the world, and she is the founder of SiS.Academy – an online learning platform educating and empowering Black Women entrepreneurs. Most recently Elayne was named a “Founder of Change” for SiS.Academy as part of the American Express “100 for 100” program featuring 100 innovative Black women entrepreneurs.

During our conversation on asking for support, Elayne and I discuss:

  • Top areas where “helpers” (aka coaches, consultants, and business leaders) struggle to ask for support and Elayne’s suspicion about why that is
  • Native American social worker Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart’s model for historical trauma – and why asking for support is both an individual act of self-empowerment AND a way to disrupt systemic oppression
  • Unique ways of asking for support when you know you need support but you aren’t clear on what support would actually look like
  • The 5 Rs for making an empowered ask
  • The extra book chapter Elayne would write if she could

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: