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Moxielicious with Alexia Vernon

Jun 8, 2021

With a passion for speaking about gender bias in tech, Darja Gutnick is the CEO and Co-Founder of She’s a rebel psychologist and former academic who dove headfirst into entrepreneurship and is now a two-time founder. Along with her team, Darja is building Bunch’s signature AI Leadership Coach platform which helps any leader become better at their work in two minutes a day.

During our conversation, Darja and I talk about gender bias in tech (and in most corporate fields), she participates in my first lightning round of rapid fire questions, and we dive into:

  • Key challenges that women in upper-level leadership positions face when leading men (Hint: The answer is not what you suspect)
  • How to make good hiring decisions – and why “skill-level” should not be the primary thing you recruit for
  • The different kinds of mentorship and support leaders need to thrive (plus a shout-out for Stacey Abrams’ book, Lead from the Outside)
  • Why “questioning yourself like a scientist” and “trusting your intuition” are two of the most important skills to disrupt gender bias in tech and to cultivate leadership success
  • Plus, Darja provides guidance to coaches who want to work with executives and senior leaders on the areas where leaders like her most need support

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: