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Moxielicious with Alexia Vernon

May 11, 2021

2021 marks 14 years I’ve been a coach. And in episode 306, I share some of the top coaching lessons I’ve learned.

Whether you consider yourself a coach, consultant, or expert who is new or newish to your business and you’d like to save yourself some of the missteps I’ve taken.

Or… you’re a leader who wants to grow yourself as you grow the people around you.

Or… you’ve been in the coaching, consulting, speaking game for a while – and maybe it feels like you’re not consistently leveling-up the way you’d like.

No matter which category you find yourself in, and even if you would self-identify a little differently, I think you’re going to learn a lot during this solo Moxielicious® episode.

Before you dive in, be sure to grab yourself a delicious beverage of your choosing, pull out a journal or open a Google doc, and be sure to take some notes so that you can learn from my coaching lessons.

In Moxielicious® episode 306, some of the coaching lessons I share include:

  • Nobody’s opinion of you will ever impact your ability to flourish as much as your own opinion of yourself. So, it’s best to invest in becoming the person you know you were born to be, because then you wake up every day fueled by your own enoughness and possess unshakable self-worth.
  • My revenue and visibility are not only based on my effort. They are also shaped by my clarity of vision, taking consistent and relevant action, prioritizing warm relationships over cold ones, allowing myself to receive, and being certain of my success.
  • I have a responsibility as a coach to own that I not only participate in racist (and oppressive) systems, but I also act in racist (and oppressive) ways. And… I have a responsibility to address this with my clients – whether or not this is the primary focus of our work (which typically it isn’t).
  • I need a team to support me professionally AND personally.
  • I/we never get a place where we can go on autopilot and stop doing “the work.”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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