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Moxielicious with Alexia Vernon

Jun 2, 2020

In episode 109, I talk about something that really riles me up – the rise of the online course junkie epidemic. As I share in this episode, I DO NOT think that online courses are the Holy Grail – especially for coaches, consultants, learning and development professionals, and thought leaders.

I understand that you are likely wondering if you need (or your company needs) to adjust your business model to bring more bucks in right now – and for the foreseeable future as the economy unquestionably continues to take some hits.

Instead, I want you to instead think about prioritizing what is near the top of your value ladder – and that’s rarely online courses.

And, in this episode, I show you exactly how to do reorient your energy and business planning on what matters most. We jam on:

  • Why my first online course launch left me broke and ugly crying on the floor of my closet – and how it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to shift from “online course junkie” to “high-ticket coaching proselytizer”
  • How most coaches/consultants get it wrong when they think their audiences want them to create online courses
  • How to create high-ticket coaching offerings that give you more net revenue and time freedom
  • The Triangle of Impact™ - I walk you through an exercise that will allow you to marry your zone of genius with the right audience and structures for delivery


In This Episode:

  • How a Facebook post made me mad [ 2:00 ]
  • Why my first online course left me broke and ugly crying [ 7:00 ]
  • How I have more free time when I focus on coaching [ 11:45 ]
  • About The Triangle of Impact™  [ 13:45 ]
  • What are the different ways to package our zone of genius? [ 17:20 ]
  • Does having an online course make sense? [ 25:20 ]


Moxielicious Quotes:

  • “When I get angry, it’s almost always a moxie issue.”
  • “I will not NOT be rich.” – Laura Dern in Big Little Lies
  • “When you are a coach, people want you to… coach them.”
  • “If you are showing people how to develop a new skill – one that requires shifting mindset, developing new behavior, and creating new habits – it should not be delivered as an online course. If you are showing people how to develop a new skill and there are creative choices people need to make as they execute that skill (and they need personalized feedback to be successful), you should not do it as an online course. And if you are showing people how to develop a new skill – one that is likely to trigger resistance or outright self-sabotage then… you’re a smart cookie, you know where this is going. Then you should not do it as an online course.”


Links Mentioned:

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